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Course Overview

With over 20 videos and over 1.5 hours of detailed instruction, this course is a comprehensive guide on how to become a successful hitter. It is designed for not only the player, but also for the parent who hopes to become a better coach for their child. By learning more about what a proper swing looks like, you as a parent can help your child to identify issues and learn proven ways to help your child correct them.

Each lesson includes detailed videos on proper swing mechanics, how to identify problems with your swing, and drills to correct them.  It is also filled with personal stories and encouragement to help you stay positive and gain confidence while you improve.

The complete Hitting Course is $399 and is a one-time enrollment that gives you unlimited access!

What Can You Expect in the Course?

Check out a clip from the comprehensive lesson on swing mechanics. To gain access to the complete course, enroll below and begin improving your swing!

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Course Topics

Choosing the Right Bat for Your Frame
What a Proper Stance Looks Like
What a Proper Swing Should Include
Getting Power in Your Swing
What to do When You Leave the Box
It's All About Your Mental Approach
Don't Get Discouraged

How to Stop Ground Balls
Eliminating Pop-ups
Avoid Getting Jammed
Hitting the Off-Speed Pitch

General Drills for Beginners
Stop Swinging Up at the Ball
Keeping Your Head Back in the Swing
Fixing the Elbow Armbar
Hands Getting Away: Stop Rolling Over
Stop Swinging Across Your Body
Front Hip Starting Drills
Using Your Lower Half During the Swing
Tanner's Two-Strike Approach


Course Reviews

What are others saying about Tanner Allen's Hitting Course?

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I'm Tanner Allen, and I've been playing baseball for as long as I can remember.  I love the sport and I have been blessed with great coaches and teammates over the years.  I was honored to be named as the 2021 National Player of the Year and win the 2021 College World Series with the Mississippi State Bulldogs which was truly a dream come true. 

I currently play for the Miami Marlins organization, but I've also been doing hitting lessons during my off time and I took this experience and created a comprehensive online hitting course that includes everything I have learned over the past 20 years playing baseball. I've learned from some of the best coaches in the nation, and I want to share it with others to help them achieve their dreams as well.  

My goal in this course is to not only help other players learn the correct swing, but also to help them maximize their potential, overcome obstacles, and more importantly, stay positive and confident while enjoying the incredible, but often difficult, game of baseball. 

Everything you need to know about hitting combined into one course taught by the 2021 National Champion and Player of the Year

Meet Your Instructor
Tanner Allen

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  • ​3x All-American
  • ​Team USA Baseball Alum
  • ​2021 National Player of the Year
  • ​2021 SEC Player of the Year
  • ​3x All-SEC Team
  • ​3 trips to the College World Series
  • ​2021 Division 1 NCAA National Champion